About Sherman Oaks Therapy & Wellness
About Sherman Oaks Therapy & Wellness

About Us

Sherman Oaks Therapy and Wellness is a group private practice located in Los Angeles, California. We offer quality mental and physical wellness services grounded in holistic practices. We believe in integrating spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional forms of well-being to treat the “whole” person. Our goal is to help individuals develop a deeper understanding of themselves on all of these levels. We value inclusion and have an uncompromising commitment to treat each person with respect as an individual.

Empathy. Collaboration. Respect.

Sherman Oaks Therapy & Wellness | Office
Sherman Oaks Therapy & Wellness | Office

Our Founder

The practice is owned by Shirin Peykar, LMFT, who established the group to provide a space for healing through safety, security, warmth, empathy, nurturing and unconditional acceptance while encouraging growth and accountability. Shirin handpicks staff that share similar values but are authentic in their personalized style of treatment. Our providers utilize ongoing training, experience, and a wide range of therapy techniques to support our clients toward happier and healthier lives.

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Our Values

Our center is built on values that promote human dignity and diversity, respect, empowerment, integrity, social justice, equity, and inclusion. We believe that the effects of racism and racial trauma on mental health is real and must be addressed. Like mental health disorders, racism thrives in silence. As proactive clinicians, we aim to break away from the structure of racism trauma. We are dedicated to working together by promoting diverse clinical perspectives and providing culturally sensitive mental health treatment. We acknowledge and condemn systemic racism and oppression. We commit to better educating ourselves, challenging ourselves, and exploring our blind spots by engaging in open dialogues with one another and our clients. We will not tolerate racism in any form within our agency or toward the clients we serve. We stand in solidarity with BIPOC.