Online Therapy


The therapy experience is rapidly changing as technology allows us to connect in exciting new ways. If you are located in California or Florida, our licensed mental health practitioners are able to provide therapy remotely, also known as telehealth. This modality of therapy can be just as effective in treating many mental health concerns as traditional in-person therapy. 

At Sherman Oaks Therapy & Wellness, we provide online therapy utilizing our secure HIPPA-compliant portal, ensuring that your sessions are confidential and private. All that is required is that you login using your unique link from anywhere in California. 

Benefits of Online Therapy

  • Convenience- Save time not having to travel to your therapist’s office
  • Specialized Care- Clients can connect with clinicians specialized in the client’s area of need who may not be otherwise available based on geography
  •  Accessibility- You can login from your computer or use the mobile app from anywhere, anytime. 
  • Privacy- Your therapy space could be anywhere you want it to be with the level of privacy you desire.
  • Insurance Telehealth Coverage- Today, many states require insurance providers to cover online therapy just as they would traditional therapy sessions. 

Potential Risks

  • Less control over confidentiality and privacy if client is in a shared space
  • Decreased emotional connection between therapist and client due to lack of physical proximity
  • Higher level of care may be warranted for crisis intervention 
  • Nonverbals are not always visible through video

Online Therapy Process

Your clinician will use the initial intake session to learn about you, what’s bringing you to therapy and recommend whether online therapy is appropriate for your needs. Evaluation of appropriateness for online therapy will continue throughout the treatment. If your therapist determines that it no longer seems appropriate to provide online therapy, then the clinician will inform you of this and may offer local referrals. 

Schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation call to assess if telehealth is appropriate for you.

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